Ladies who turn into pregnant after age 35 are vulnerable to having infants with Down syndrome, mentioned speech therapist Maryam Ibrahim-Maifada.

“The older the mom, the upper the chance of getting a child with Down syndrome,” Ibrahim-Maifada instructed the Nigerian Information Company (NAN) on Friday.

“Down syndrome is a genetic dysfunction. Most infants are born with 23 pairs of chromosomes in every cell, for a complete of 46. Most infants with Down syndrome are born with an additional chromosome. “

She discovered that infants born with Down syndrome face bodily and psychological challenges all through their lives.

They sometimes have distinctive physique and facial options that set them aside from others. They’re sluggish to develop and are extra liable to some medical circumstances, she mentioned.

Ibrahim-Maifada listed a few of the issues as delays in speech and language growth, consideration issues, insomnia, stubbornness and tantrums, delays in recognition, and delayed rest room coaching.

She additionally listed bodily indicators of Down syndrome, together with a brief, stocky peak; a brief neck, poor muscle tone, flattened facial options, particularly the bridge of the nostril, and small ears.

Others are almond-shaped eyes that slope upward, small arms and ft, a single deep crease within the middle of the palm.

She listed different circumstances associated to Down syndrome, together with coronary heart issues, thyroid abnormalities, listening to and imaginative and prescient issues, and low fertility charges in males.

“About 50 % of girls with Down syndrome may give beginning to youngsters. The chance that their youngsters will undergo from the illness is between 35 and 50 %, ”mentioned Ibrahim-Maifada.

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