Time after time, the Nigerian government has always accused the Nigerian youths as being lazy. There have always been reactions and mixed reactions to this allegation, especially by the Nigerian younger population, either on social media or during comedy shows.

Even if you have an idea as a young Nigerian to contest that being tagged “lazy” by challenging the old people-filled government, the unethical and brutal ways people are whisked away when the air their views challenging the government will make you have a second though. In Nigeria, freedom of speech is not in any way respected. Either openly or secretly, the government will intimidate you to keep mute.

Looking at the situation of things in Nigeria nowadays, would say that it entirely false that Nigerian youths are lazy? Maybe, maybe not, but with the too much devotion of the younger Nigerians to the ongoing BB Naija, would you not want to say the government is right?

At some point, maybe very soon, some older people will realize that there are milder and easier way to push rubbish through Nigerians without the use of the usual and forceful intimidation done to people. Don’t you think whatever the government might think could cause an uproar if introduced will sail through if implemented during this BB Naija time?

The fuel price was jerked up to with the highest difference ever and what the majority was taking about is BB Naija. There was jus a handful of protest here and there and the new unthinkable price has come to stay. Or may be people will realize that this increment in price is unfair when the TV program has ended.

It is only a mater of little time before the government starts to sponsor such a reality show like BB Naija to keep busy the insinuated lazy population to roll out other benefiting agendas. After all, it is a better, safer and cheaper option. It will maybe only take a disqualification of a key player in the game like Erika for people to debate on for days while another ill-agenda rolls by.


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