In a current Twitter thread shared, the filmmaker dragged the anonymous executives and individuals who work for them, accusing them of making a system that ensures producers little profit from their content material.

“These persons are getting wealthy in producer content material. The plan appears to be to get the producers up to now to the purpose of need that they turn out to be slaves to them,” Egbe wrote.

The director of “Two Brides and a Child” revealed in one other tweet that concern of being blacklisted within the trade has led to producers being mistreated with out publicly addressing the errors made to them.

“Producers are essentially the most involved about all of this, and for concern of being blacklisted, we stay silent. How lengthy? How do you owe a producer content material that you have licensed or broadcast? How do you shut the door on the nice.” ? ” Content material or below value because of moods? Producers are victims! “

Egbe’s outbreak comes barely 24 hours after the current award ceremony sponsored by the Lagos State Division of Tourism and EbonyLife sparked new hypothesis about an alleged clique in Nollywood.

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