Car shopping is one of the most stressful things to do. Of course, buying any item that can be pricy and which is expected to last a while, one will have to do some homework to reach a conclusion. Some of the questions usually asked are “what brand?”, “new or used?”, if used, “how old?”, “what mileage?”, “Locally used or foreign used?”.

It could be a serious disaster if you make a wrong buy. Arriving at a wrong decision could cost you more than budgeted and that could imply that you might be driving a car you are not satisfied with for some time too. I can tell you how sweet it is to buy the car you like, and everything comes alright.

Not so much is required when buying a new car like buying a used one. Of course, a new car will come with no worries about a defect and if it does, it will still be under warranty. Al you probably will need is to ensure the features you want in your car are right there and that you like what you are buying.

Getting used car takes some thinking, analysis, and research before a final decision is made. Yes, you need to have at least a brand, a model, and maybe a trim in mind. In most cases, people usually have more than one of those categories mentioned earlier. A major player in deciding which brand to go for and maybe model too is how much you must spend on getting the car. Another key point is the durability of the car, and that is where people usually get concerned about if the brand can easily be fixed around if there are mechanical faults.

Your status will affect your choice of car. If you are buying your first car, you probably will want something not flamboyant; you know, something you can handle and will not be that expensive. Some corporate workers will want something that matches their status at work, and of course, a wealthy person will want a car that matches his wealth and social status. It still comes back to affordability. Even though everyone wants the best cars, but your purse will tell you what to do.

It is a good thing to check the topography of your environment, the road you will drive the car on before deciding. I know of some places in Nigeria that if you live there, buying a Lamborghini that is close to the ground, and with the bad road, will be a bad idea. With that, you are caught between buying a sedan, which is closer to the ground, or an SUV that is much higher above the ground.

What I will advise that you never do is to let what others will think to decide what car you are going to buy. A lot of people have got to battle that a lot when making that decision to get the car they will drive. “Will they not think that I now have so much money?”, “How will my neighbor feel?”, “what will my boss say?”, Those a few of the questions one ponders about. Please, you will be the one driving the car. So, if it is within your reasonable budget and financially comfortable for you and maybe your family, go for it.

Now that you have decided to buy a car, deciding on which is the next thing. It is always good to have some range of cars in mind before attempting shopping. If not, there is a likelihood you will end up with a different car entirely that might not satisfy you. From past experiences, one can tell how easily people shift ground when they see a lot of cars at the lots. If you have what you want already concluded with yourself, chances are that you will buy better than when you dash into the lots with a too open mind.

Must your car be a “Toyota”? Maybe, maybe not. Every car has its pros and cons, and while some cars are preferred in some regions, some others are loved elsewhere. Buying right could save you the fear of if there will be a mechanic for your car in case of any repair. Meaning even if it is not one of the most popular cars around, if you buy a car that was well maintained before buying, you might not need any special repair that any other mechanic will not be able to handle.

There have been people who have used cars for years and all they had to do are basic oil change and periodic tune-up. Why follow the trend of buying a Toyota when another brand could save you more and offer you better pleasure? With vast experience of buying good cars in Nigeria, Cotonou, and the United States, this car buying forum will walk you through what you need to know to stamp your car-buying decisions. You will be guided on how to buy well and save a lot.



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