The Farmers Herders imbroglio is an outdated ethno-territorial skirmish in Nigeria lengthy earlier than I used to be born, however we’ve got had relative peace throughout the nation. Nevertheless, what’s at the moment alarming is the deceptive of criminals by varied authorities officers for ethno-political achieve. The mild romance and preferential remedy of criminals, which needs to be quashed in any navy and security-wrecking storm, is appalling. These politically marked criminals as BANDITS OR HERDERS, if they’re NEVER TERRORISTS, the overflow of BOKO HARAM from the Sambisa forest is a results of the navy firepower that migrated to northwest, southwest and southeastern Nigeria with cattle for canopy.

The credible intelligence out there to the federal government, the weapons and the best way they work immediately are evident to that truth. So why the negotiations? Why the amnesty proposal? Why the dialogue? To what finish? That is demoralizing our regulation enforcement companies. How can we ship troops and manpower to search out and arrest gun-bearing criminals in a single area and ship a delegation to barter with gun-bearing criminals in one other area? How can there be unity within the nation when the federal government has no unity of objective? We fought in opposition to militants from the Niger Delta within the south-south, though there have been negotiations afterwards, we struggle in opposition to Boko Haram within the northeast and in opposition to ESN within the southeast. Then why the hell are we negotiating with bandits within the northwest and the north? A felony within the southeast is a felony within the northwest, simply as a felony within the northeast can also be a felony within the southwest, a civilian who carries arms is not a civilian however an enemy fighter.

These politically favored criminals put on a tan GPMG or C6 that makes use of a 12.7mm 50 caliber armored bullet, RPG and AK-47 assault rifle with a 7.62mm full metallic jacket NATO STANDARD, similar to Boko- Haram terrorists sort of toys, they’re instruments of DEATH, they invade villages at will, they kill, mutilate girls and youngsters, rape younger women, farmers can not farm their land, folks journey on the streets out of concern , Companies shut as quickly as there are sunsets, and these are folks you discount with as a substitute of crushing them. The federal government is aware of the sponsors, however won’t arrest them for political causes, in spite of everything, 2023 is from Coner and so each motion by the federal government will likely be categorized as political, no matter whether or not it’s authorized substance, our conventional rulars refuse to inform the federal government the reality , for concern of curbing their emirate councils or being referred to as a Rabel monarch. Our clergy select to wish moderately than converse and o your youth choose a shortcut to success and conflict on social media moderately than receiving a voter card that can be utilized to alter an inefficient authorities in elections. Our safety companies will not be giving a totally free hand to function. Women and gents, the place are we going? How can insecurity ever finish if we reward the perpetrators as a substitute of imprisoning them? It’s a monumental embarrassment when a self-appointed negotiator (sheikh) within the following photos has a handshake with criminals. That is an insult to the patriotic souls of our armed forces who’re killed by the identical folks each day, even with a sterilized glove I cannot shake a felony.

There might be no significant improvement in any nation with out safety. The conspicuously confirmed lack of competence and political willpower of our state actors to struggle the insecurity is sufficient pretext for the federal authorities to declare a state of emergency for the safety within the district, those that profit from it for no matter purpose, the misguided politicians throw us in opposition to one another and it they succeed. That’s the reason we see the pathological hatred that we see within the nation. Igbos hate Hausas, Hausas hate Igbos. Yorubas are informed that Hausas play them, use their heads politically, Hausas are informed that Yorubas are hypocrites, they need to watch out with them, however in the long run we’re all victims of unhealthy management, financial decline, disintegration of schooling, deterioration of the Healthcare and Insecurity That Received Us There We’re as a nation so we have to unite and open our eyes to the disastrous actuality forward of us.

This isn’t ethnic profiling of criminals as there are criminals in every single place. A felony’s bullet doesn’t know the trunk of its goal. It’s about defending Nigeria and offering safety and peace to the widespread man, which is the least the federal government can do for the criminals poor because the wealthy can afford bodyguards and bulletproof automobiles. So let’s name a spade, a spade, let’s name criminals by their identify with out assigning them any non secular or tribal affiliation. The one weapon civilians are allowed to make use of for self-defense is the SBSG automated or handbook pumping motion, and there are procedures in place to acquire the license from the licensing authority, the Nigerian Police Drive (NPF), beneath FIREARMS ACT 1958: LAWS OF THE FRN .

So if somebody carries one other class of weapons on any pretext, Fulanis, Igbos, Yorubas, Tivs, Igalas, Ibibios, Itsekiris, Biroms, Sayawas or Tangales are CRIMINALS and needs to be handled as such. I’m a proud northerner and don’t help any crime or crime! Struggle the crime and depart the tribe.

Ahmed Saleh Jnr. Is a forensic scientist and public security analyst.

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