Davido has been through so many criticisms over his kind music so many times, especially when compared to the likes of Wizkid and Burna Boy. Hearing the young man talk for the first time, you would wonder what music can this one sing. He is not the only one that has been through the voice judgment, Timmy Dakolo had too.

If you have ever judge any artist through their voice while talking, you are on a long thing. He has proven so many wrongs since he came into the music industry that the vibe in your voice while you sing and when you talk operate on different levels. He is surely a very talented artist, very outstanding.

It has always been wrong so wrong comparing Davido and Widzid as they both operate on two different grounds and are both doing excellently well in the chosen styles. While Wizkid’s newest album is a cool jam, with songs so cool and beautiful that will fit into any occasion, Davido’s songs are also of esteem beauty with beats that will keep dancing all day with a big smile on your lips.

Davido has done so well with this album, packed with songs and beats that will switch your dull mood to the brightest mood ever anytime any day. No wonder there have been videos of little kids singing the song FEM like an anthem and some were even asking their parents to lock its replay in their car players.

This young artist, who will be 28 in a few days, has done a whole lot of a good job with this album. Not just a few songs, 17 power-packed tracts. It’s not bean, must have been a lot of hard work and smartness. This album has seen some success already and it will see a lot more. Beefers will say otherwise, but as lovers of good music, Davido has done a good job here and deserves the accolade.


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