Jones, a candidate in subsequent week’s election for a 3rd time period as treasurer, says she is going to critically contemplate working once more for mayor in a couple of months towards Krewson, who’s looking for reelection.

Jones mentioned she believed that she would have had a greater likelihood of successful in 2017 had there been a runoff.

Krewson, Spencer positions

Krewson spokesman Jacob Lengthy, when requested in regards to the mayor’s place on the proposition, mentioned she isn’t against a runoff “as a result of she believes in her many accomplishments in workplace and is assured voters will keep in mind that on the polls.”

However, Long said Krewson doesn’t support approval voting, noting that it could allow a voter to vote for every candidate in the primary. Long said the mayor also believes Prop D would weaken the Democratic Party. But he wouldn’t say how Krewson would vote on the proposal.

Another mayoral candidate, Alderman Cara Spencer, said she had mixed feelings about the proposal but that she’ll vote for it “with reservations.”

Spencer said she likes the idea of a runoff but that approval voting is “a large unknown” because only one city in the United States — Fargo, North Dakota — has enacted it, just two years ago.

And, like opponents, Spencer said she worries that some voters would be confused by how the new system would work. Spencer also complained that Reed didn’t bring up the petition proposal for discussion and possible amendment by the board when it was submitted to the city last spring.

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