GRAND RAPIDS, Mich — Do you have got an excessive amount of leftover sweet corn? Nicely, this experiment will enable younger scientists to develop a speculation, execute an experiment, and edit their speculation as they work to search out out which liquids will dissolve the sweet corn.

  1. Sweet corn 
  2. Clear glasses
  3. Room Temperature Water
  4. Vinegar
  5. Oil
  6. Alcohol 

Experiment Steps:
1. Scientific technique, beginning by asking a query.

What do you suppose will occur if you place a chunk of sweet corn within the several types of liquid?  

What occurs to sweet when it is in your mouth, on the counter, or will get moist? Use previous background info that can assist you with step three. 

An instance can be, “If I place the sweet corn within the sizzling water, then the sweet corn will soften.”

4. Check the experiment 

Place the sweet corn within the varied liquids and await outcomes. 

5. Analyze the info and draw conclusions 

Did the outcomes align along with your speculation? 

6. Talk your outcomes 

Your findings are so vital no matter whether or not or not they assist your authentic speculation! 

The scientific technique is the best way actual scientists conduct analysis! It permits a set strategy to experimentation and improves the best way through which outcomes are discovered. That is how scientists and most people can really feel assured that they’ll keep on with the information and restrict any private affect! 

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