PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Have you ever ever had a helium balloon in your automobile and see that its actions are a lot totally different than you’ll count on? For those who by no means observed, it’s actually one thing to see.

It additionally has plenty of science behind it.

A lot of this science we’ve talked about in Hey Ray segments, so let’s put a number of classes collectively to determine what makes a helium balloon act humorous in a transferring automobile.

We recently talked about how air takes up space and has weight. This continued to a dialogue about density, and how substances of different densities interact with each other.

Now we’re going to place these ideas collectively.

(Picture Credit score: Ray Petelin)

First, your automobile is very like the pop or soda bottle we utilized in a earlier experiment.

It’s a container stuffed with air. We all know air takes up house and has weight, and meaning it additionally strikes such as you do in a transferring automobile.

Whenever you pace up, the air is pushed again, similar to you’re pushed again in your seat — and if you cease rapidly, the air strikes ahead, similar to you do.

How will we REALLY know that’s occurring, although? That is the place the helium balloon is available in.

(Picture Credit score: Ray Petelin)

A helium balloon reveals all of this in motion! A helium balloon floats as a result of it’s much less dense than the air round it. In a earlier experiment about density, we realized much less dense objects float, denser issues sink.

(Picture Credit score: Ray Petelin)

If we’ve a balloon full of simply air, it doesn’t float, as a result of the air is identical weight because the air outdoors of the balloon, and the load of the balloon itself causes it to fall, or sink.

(Picture Credit score: Ray Petelin)

When a automobile is stopped, the balloon with common air simply hangs, and the helium balloon floats, as anticipated. When you begin transferring, although, the science reveals itself in motion.

Once we pace up, we really feel like we’re pushed again in our chairs, however scientifically, we’re being pushed by the automobile as a result of our our bodies wish to keep at relaxation, till the skin power is pushed on us.

This is identical with the air within the automobile. You may see this with the common balloon being pushed again like our stuffed animals.

Have a look at the helium balloon, although. It really strikes ahead, the other of every little thing else.

(Picture Credit score: Ray Petelin)

What you’re doing is pushing extra air molecules to the again of the automobile if you speed up, similar to your physique pushes again.

This implies essentially the most dense air is if you are accelerating is behind the automobile, as a result of that’s the place essentially the most air molecules are “pushed.”

(Picture Credit score: Ray Petelin)

Because the helium balloon is much less dense, it strikes in direction of the much less dense air within the entrance of the automobile.

All of that is reversed if you hit the brakes. Our our bodies and the air molecules wish to proceed transferring ahead, making the air density higher on the entrance of the automobile.

This causes the much less dense helium balloon to maneuver towards the again of the automobile the place the air is much less dense.

(Picture Credit score: Ray Petelin)

Now that you’ve got seen this occur, you’ll by no means “unsee” it, and now that you realize the science behind these actions, it is going to be rather less bizarre!

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