The majestic blue whale has plied the seas for about 4.5 million years, whereas the Neanderthals winked out of existence in a couple of hundred thousand years. However are these creatures consultant of species total? How lengthy do species often final earlier than they go extinct?

It seems the reply we discover now may very well be very completely different than it often is. Due to habitat destruction, climate change, and a variety of different components, vegetation and animals are disappearing from the planet sooner than all however possibly 5 different factors in historical past. Some consultants say we’re within the sixth mass extinction occasion. However even in calmer durations of Earth’s historical past, the reply has diversified relying on the  kind of species you are taking a look at. For mammals, the typical species exists for 1 million to 2 million years, in line with an article within the journal People & the planet

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