It’s now recognized to many Individuals that private cash was simply one among many anomalies that plagued the 2020 elections. In quite a few stories, the Capital Analysis Heart has traced the influx of $ 350 million from Fb founder and billionaire Mark Zuckerberg to the county’s election officers and inundated native jurisdictions with “Zuck {Dollars}”, resulting in fraud-prone dropboxes and mail, amongst different issues -In led poll papers.

On the heart of this story is the Heart for Expertise and Civic Life (CTCL), a sleepy Chicago nonprofit that, after Zuckerberg’s infusion, upped its polls by practically 25,000 p.c and turned that tiny advocacy group right into a left-wing large nearly in a single day.

CTCL has claimed that the $ 350 million it handed on to election officers was for neutral COVID-19 reduction efforts. However is that basically true? We did the mathematics and tracked tens of thousands and thousands of {dollars} from CTCL to Georgia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Virginia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Nevada – all battlefields which are very important to the conclusion of the 2020 elections.

Our conclusion is that CTCL’s grants throughout the board benefited the biggest, most vocal Democratic counties, which helped generate essentially the most left-wing voters in US historical past – and safe Joe Biden because the nation’s forty sixth president. Removed from being “neutral,” the seas of CTCL made it simpler for scammers to cheat and 2020 victory for Democrats.

Now, we flip to Texas and the $ 33.5 million CTCL grants uncovered thus far – the biggest quantity for any state we have studied.

Whereas CTCL has printed a preliminary record of grant recipients, the paperwork don’t embody the grant Quantities. What CRC was capable of observe got here from native information stories and the county’s election officers’ web sites. (See our dataset within the appendix.)

For extra details about CTCL, see InfluenceWatch Profile and its CRC Reviews.

The final word value

Traditionally, the Democrats in Texas, averaging 1.2 million votes, lagged far behind the Republican presidential candidates between 2000 and 2016, when Republicans gained the state with a median of 57 p.c of the vote. Jimmy Carter, the final Democratic presidential candidate to win Texas, ousted incumbent Gerald Ford in 1976 with simply 129,000 votes. Beforehand, Texas had a dependable Democratic vote, switching to the Republican candidate solely 3 times – for Herbert Hoover in 1928 and Dwight Eisenhower in 1952 and 1956 – between Ulysses Grant’s victory in 1872 and Richard Nixon’s victory in 1972.

In 2016, Trump improved barely over the turnout of Mitt Romney, a 2012 candidate, and acquired practically 126,000 votes – nicely beneath the 573,000 votes Hillary Clinton acquired over Obama’s 2012 turnout, however nonetheless sufficient to maintain Texas at 814,000 To win votes.

Desk 1. Texas Presidential Elections
yr republican Improve (GOP) % Inc. democrat Improve (dem) % Inc.
2020 5,890,347 1,208,757 25.82% 5,259,126 1,391,310 35.97%
2016 4,681,590 125,791 2.76% 3,867,816 573,376 17.40%
2012 4,555,799 88.051 1.97% 3,294,440 (226,724) -6.44%
2008 4,467,748 (59,169) -1.31% 3,521,164 688,460 24.30%
2004 4,526,917 727.278 19.14% 2,832,704 398,958 16.39%
2000 3,799,639 – – – – 2,433,746 – – – –
Supply: Politico, New York Instancesand Texas Secretary of State.

For many years, Democratic marketing campaign strategists have dreamed of turning the Lone Star state round and turning this Republican fortress right into a democratic conquest. They bought nearer to that dream than ever in 2020, when Joe Biden acquired extra votes in Texas than any Democrat or Republican in American historical past – besides Donald Trump.

Biden’s wins in Texas are surprising. In comparison with 2016 numbers, it gained a further 1.4 million votes for a complete of 5.3 million, a 36 p.c improve over Hillary Clinton’s 2016 voter turnout and 50 p.c extra Trump’s wins are equally spectacular, as he has elevated his vote depend by 1.2 million from 2016 to just about 5.9 million votes in whole, a 26 p.c improve beating Republican data.

The placement of those votes paints an attention-grabbing image, particularly given the place the CTCL grants are going.

A flood of “Zuck Bucks” to Texas

Texas was among the many top-targeted states for CTCL grants in 2020, receiving a minimum of 118 grants in its 254 counties, maybe the best of any state. (Some states, resembling Michigan and Massachusetts, acquired Extra Grants, however have been principally for particular person cities relatively than counties.) Since CTCL has to this point refused to reveal the record of grants, the precise quantity is unknown and can possible keep that manner till CTCL releases IRS Type 990 for 2020 . as required by regulation someday in 2022.

To this point, we have uncovered 21 of those 118 grants totaling $ 33,539,950, together with a $ 251,000 grant from Arnold Schwarzenegger by means of the College of Southern California’s Schwarzenegger Institute.

  • CTCL funded eight of the ten most populous counties in Texas. The 2 that did not get “Zuck Bucks” – Collin and Denton Counties – have been the one two of the ten that Trump gained.
  • Joe Biden gained 22 of Texas’ 254 counties. CTCL funded 17 of them (77 p.c). Trump gained 231 counties, nevertheless, of which 101 acquired CTCL grants (44 p.c), which sounds spectacular.
  • But these 101 counties solely gave Trump 1,445,871 votes, lower than 1 / 4 of his nationwide whole. Biden’s 17 CTCL-funded districts gave him 3,641,476 votes – 69 p.c of his statewide vote.
  • In 2020, Biden freaked solely three counties Trump gained in 2016, and all of them acquired CTCL grants: Tarrant (quantity unknown; Fort Price), Williamson ($ 264,000; close to Austin), and Hays ($ 283,000; simply exterior of Austin), which collectively contained about 1.6 million folks and gave 615,000 votes to Biden and 597,000 votes to Trump.
  • Trump turned over eight (principally small) counties that Clinton gained in 2016, all within the historically democratic bastions within the south and west: Zapata, Val Verde, Reeves, La Salle, Kleberg, Kenedy, Jim Wells and Frio Counties collectively include nearly 200,000 folks . They gave Trump 30,000 votes and Biden 19,000 votes. Nonetheless, just one, Zapata County, acquired a CTCL grant of unknown quantities (on the time of writing).
  • Nationwide, Trump rose a median of 25 p.c in comparison with 2016, in each CTCL-funded and unfunded international locations. Biden grew a median of simply 18 p.c nationwide, however 40 p.c within the state’s 10 largest counties (versus 35 p.c for Trump).

Texas 2016 & Texas 2020

Texas 2016

What is obvious is that Biden gained extra voices within the fewer locations than his Democratic predecessor in earlier elections, whereas Trump expanded his base to incorporate locations he misplaced in his first presidential bid. CTCL funds, in the meantime, have been concentrating on the very spots Biden wanted to enhance to win Texas over:

  • Each candidates’ voter turnout elevated extra in CTCL-funded counties than in unfunded counties, however extra so in Biden: Trump acquired 25 p.c extra votes in funded counties versus 24 p.c in unfunded counties – basically the identical. In the meantime, Biden acquired 21 p.c extra votes in funded counties versus 14 p.c in unfunded counties – a selection of seven proportion factors.
  • Biden’s greatest beneficial properties (over 100,000 votes in comparison with 2016) have been in a handful of main cities: Harris County (212,000 votes), Dallas County (144,000 votes), Travis County (130,000 votes), Bexar County (129,000 votes), and Tarrant County (124,000). These 5 cities – Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and Fort Price – earned him 2.8 million votes, or greater than half of his nationwide 5.3 million votes. (As compared, Trump acquired fewer than 2.1 million votes there, which is 35 p.c of his whole votes.)
  • These 5 counties accepted grants from CTCL totaling $ 27,775,142, or 83 p.c of all grants we traced to Texas. However even this quantity is deceptive. Solely two cities acquired practically $ 25 million from CTCL: $ 9.6 million for Houston (Harris County) and a powerful $ 15 million for Dallas. the biggest recognized single CTCL grant within the nation.
  • To place these numbers in perspective, Houston’s $ 9.6 million grant went for $ 2.04 for each man, lady, and baby residing in Harris County, or for each Biden Vote there for a whopping $ 10.46. Dallas acquired the equal of $ 5.74 per individual residing within the county, or $ 25.27 per Biden vote!
  • Trump acquired votes on his 2016 totals in all counties, except Polk (51,000 residents), the place he misplaced 8,000 votes and nonetheless gained, as in 2016, by a landslide. Biden, then again, misplaced round 9,000 votes in 50 counties.
Texas 2020

After all, one would anticipate CTCL’s COVID-19 reduction grants to go to essentially the most populous locations that are inclined to vote democratically. But when the aim of CTCL was partisan and to assist Biden’s turnout, would it not have spent its funds otherwise? The details depart this author skeptical.

It’s unclear how precisely these funds have been spent. Nonetheless, grants paid in different states, resembling a $ 10 million grant to Philadelphia that just about doubled the electoral funds, required town to make use of the funds to print and postage for postal poll papers. Philadelphia additionally needed to distribute “Safe Dropboxes” round city to gather ballots, circumventing primary voting integrity necessities by permitting anybody, with out ID, to drop any variety of poll papers into a non-public assortment bin with out official supervision and no retrospective accountability. If a fraudster wished to flood Philadelphia with false ballots, CTCL’s “Zuck Bucks” enabled him to bypass the mailboxes of the US Postal Service. It is unclear if Dropboxes have been positioned in one among Texas’ largest cities.

What occurs subsequent with the upkeep of electoral integrity?

Plenty of states – Louisiana, North Carolina, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, and Texas – are already contemplating payments that might, amongst different issues, require ID to request postal voting, prohibit early postal voting, and increase early private voting , Eradicate same-day voter registration and ban the funding of elections exterior the state.

Not everyone seems to be taking the flood of “Zuck {Dollars}” calmly, however do not anticipate the leftist media to take severely this billionaire’s try to privatize the 2020 elections anytime quickly.

Hayden Ludwig is a senior investigative researcher on the Capital Analysis Heart.


Dataset for all 118 CTCL-funded counties in Texas

Dataset for CTCL-funded counties plus remaining Texas counties

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