Within the JBC Basic Doubles at Jamestown Bowling Firm, Lenny Marucci led the best way with a 279-257-225-761 for Geraci & Co. Accounting.

Dan Gould hit a 244-278-239-761 for Pine Creek Creations, Brandon Miller a 257-227-268 for Don’s Carwash, Joe Jagoda a 268-242-721 for Don’s Carwash, Dan Zamborik a 232-259-701 for Zamborik-Tomkin, Tab Berkhous a 237-238-689 for The Unhealthy Bowlers, James Cappalino a 235-236-685 for Geraci & Co. Accounting, Andrew Chapman a 251-233-684 for CMR Auctions, Mark Meleen a 228-236-684 for Bowler’s Nook Professional Store, Justin Van Arsdale a 268-676 for VanArsdale.

Within the Thursday Early Fowl Seniors League, Larry Paschera smacked a 258-235-228-721.

Cody Kane led the Lena’s Pizza Males’s League with a 259-698 for All Pictures Matter. Shawn Pattern rolled a 258-223-695 for Falconer Rod and Gun, and Andrew Chapman a 265-225-686 for Spare Us.

Within the Lena’s Pizza-Townline Auto League, Laura Schlining hit a 214-576 for Angel Hair.

Jamestown Bowling Firm: JBC Basic Doubles–Jeff Wadsworth 265-671, Jim Chapman 232-244-670, Dan Walker 249-662, Mark Blasdell 237-654, Ryan Colburn 228-654, Lyn McIntyre 232-648, Jamie Willey 227-647, Jim Mee 247-645, Greg Grimm 245-643, Ray Textor 225-636, Bob Paterniti 244-631, John Williams Jr. 234-621, Jeremy Becker 231-618, Howie McIntyre Jr. 231-600.

Thursday Early Fowl Seniors–Lenny Bush 212-542, John Foster 533, Denise Weber 447.

Lena’s Pizza Males’s League–Jeff Arnold 231-235-662, Jeremy Crist 235-635, Paul Burdict 246-627, Don Olson 620, Chris Gullotti 265-614, Tim Whitmore 220-603, Tyler Jones 220-603, Andrew Raymond 241-602, Chris Conti 224-599, Nick Boschert 595, Duane Rosenow 586, Mike Barton 585, Mark O’Neill 580.

Lena’s Pizza-Townline Auto–June Hillman 496, Grace Wheeler 495, Jen Goshgarian 483, Jeannie Colburn 475.

Chopping Lanes: American–Jeff Donor 626, Ed Bailey 588, Brian Holthouse 602, Cody Robinson 246-615, Michael Reed 236-224-639, Drew Robinson 245-649, Kevin Beckerink 576, Adam Newhouse 221-222-612.

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