A young man, sometimes in March 2020 ordered a mobile phone on Aliexpress, which was shipped a few days later. He then placed another order for a memory card from the same merchant in China hoping the two products will probably be delivered at about the same time.

Just like other Nigerians who have also been complaining recently about their packages getting lost in transit after been tracked to have entered Nigeria, he too could still, up to the time of putting up this report, has not received the mobile phone. The irony of it is that the less valuable item, the memory card, had since been delivered, but the phone for which the memory card was bought is still missing.

In this globalized time and age, trade between countries is on the increase and, with time, it will be one of the main incomes for most countries. In Nigeria, with this mishap that is happening with NIPOST, the only government delivery system, it seems Nigeria is facing a wrong way with globalization.

It is never an insinuation. It has been from time immemorial that valuable packages hardly find their way to their owners in Nigeria. Even if you opt for picking the items at the post office, the way they treat you is as if everyone receiving goods from overseas is a fraudster. That does not eventually mean you will get your goods in one piece.

In this e-commerce era, if a country’s delivery system is this unreliable, especially the supposed most affordable, then something is very wrong.


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