A Donald Trump supporter waits for the beginning of a Trump marketing campaign rally in Lexington, Kentucky on November 4, 2019.

A technique or one other, GOP voters are decided to imagine the 2020 elections had been stolen whatever the info. As a current survey from Monmouth College discovered, “Practically 3 in 4 Republicans (73%) maintain the concept Biden received by dishonest,” whereas roughly a 3rd of the American public thinks that approach.

These outcomes typically mirror the outcomes of different fraud polls in 2020, however the Monmouth ballot additionally requested a query that confirmed how deep and chronic these GOP delusions are.

Concerning Arizona’s mock “audit” of the state’s September 2020 outcomes, 57% of Individuals accepted the outcomes of the evaluate and accurately stated that they both concluded that Joe Biden Arizona received truthful (36% ) or that they are not certain about this report however suspected Biden was the winner (21%).

However when it got here to Republicans, 62% misreported the outcomes of the bogus audit 32% stated the so-called audit discovered proof of fraud and 30% stated they doubtless discovered fraud, though the report truly discovered no fraud in 2020.

Even when a bogus trial initiated by GOP lawmakers, sponsored by Donald Trump, and run by pro-Trump sympathizers finds no fraud, a sizeable majority of Republicans reject and skew the outcomes.

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