African Giant


Nigeria, which turned 60 a few days ago, has always been known as the “Giant of Africa”. It will not be out of place to say that Nigeria, on several parameters, has fallen flat. The Standard of living in Nigeria is bad, the majority of the population fall below the poverty line, the health system is one of the worst in the world, the safety of lives and properties is not guaranteed. Nigeria, a superpower, has no power. Nigeria cannot even provide electric power to its citizens, especially as the leading oil exporter in Africa. 5 Keys Things to Know About Nigeria One Afrobeats- one of Nigeria’s greatest exports. Nigeria is a force in Afrobeat. In fact, the major player. Nigeria parades the best of the best in Afrobeats and has attracted heavyweights in the music business worldwide like Drake, Beyonce, and Chris Brown. Popular artists performing on the world…