As cases of rape continue to spring up everywhere in Nigeria, the issue is gradually gaining the right attention. In June 2020, Nigerian governors declared a state of emergency over rape and violence against women and children.

Even though Nigeria’s federal law provides between 14 years and life imprisonment as punishment, but state legislators can set different sentencing rules.

Taking this a little further, considering the rising rate of this menace, the Kaduna State’s lawmakers have approved surgical castration as punishment for those convicted of raping children under the age of 14.

All this law requires to take effect is that the state governor Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai signs the bill.

Even though surgical castration is not widely practiced in the world and it is considered controversial in the few places where it still used, but the Kaduna people believe the bill if signed to law, will help to curb the rising cases of rapes in the state, and they also other states of the country will follow suit.


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