Varoshia and Political Ineptitude!

The political warmth is on – and it’s blazing sizzling! Through the EU’s Particular Overseas Affairs Summit in Brussels (October 1st – 2nd) each Cyprus and Greece have been politically outmanoeuvred and satisfied to make a U-turn on their intentions to safe EU sanctions in opposition to Turkey. They failed to make use of the facility of their veto to alter the course of political occasions to their benefit of their nationwide pursuits.

A unanimous determination through the earlier EU Summit final June, the leaders agreed to implement sanctions in opposition to Turkey on the October Summit. Each Greece and Cyprus anticipated the EU would lastly take a stand in opposition to Turkey’s navy provocations and assist member-states.

It was not meant to be!

Pushed by political and monetary self-interests, some EU members refused to make use of sanctions on Turkey this time round and determined for a postponement to December as an alternative. In the meantime a livid Erdoğan warned the European Union of “critical repercussions” in the event that they dared to impose sanctions on Turkey in favour of pirate states – that means Cyprus!

The principle goal of the Leaders Summit was to safe sanctions in opposition to 40 Belarusian officers accused of vote rigging and political repression however not the President of Belarus; additionally EU/China relations and Turkey’s provocation within the Japanese Mediterranean. The specter of veto by the Greek alliance might severely jeopardize EU plans–for with no unanimous determination there might be no sanctions!

The end result of such a dissent can be a humiliating defeat for the bureaucratic establishment.

The Greeks argued {that a} two-tier EU overseas coverage couldn’t be accepted in a democratic establishment and insisted they may veto all proposed sanctions on Belarus until Turkey additionally obtained the identical remedy accepted, on the June Summit. A stalemate ensued…

The specter of defeat was very actual and political skulduggery commenced behind the scenes! Headed by Germany’s chancellor Angela Merkel – a robust ally of Turkey – and the European Fee president Ursula von der Leyen insisted {that a} unanimous vote for sanctions was essential on the Summit. Subsequently, the political arm-twisting in opposition to the Greek alliance escalated!

Fierce political haggling and juggling ensued behind the darkish corridors of energy, for they may not permit a small island to jeopardize their better plans! However, little Cyprus–a small fry certainly–was rapidly devoured up by EU piranhas!

Germany holding the revolving EU presidency got here up with a convincing plan for each Greece and Cyprus. However, for the plan to succeed, they wanted a political deviation of types and persuaded Ankara to withdraw its unlawful exploration drilling ship Oruç Reis from Greek waters.

The transfer would permit “negotiations” to start out between Greece and Turkey and scale back the chance of a navy battle. Oruç Reis returned to Turkey for “upkeep goal” however with none ensures to not situation one other NAVTEX and return if essential.

Prime Minister of Greece Kyriakos Mitsotakis joined the political skulduggery set by Angela Merkel and agreed to desert Greece’s veto on Belarus. Happy with the consequence, Chancellor Merkel and Mitsotakis went on to affect President Anastasiades!

Introduced with a cleverly worded EU assertion with out substance, quickly tickled President Anastasiades’ ears and he too has forsaken the concept of a Cyprus veto.

The assertion reassured him that: “The EU strongly condemns the violations of the sovereign rights of the Republic of Cyprus and can overview Turkey’s behaviour in December and impose sanctions if its provocations haven’t stopped.” It was additionally introduced that “a five-party negotiations” to resolve the Cyprus situation can be scheduled beneath the auspices of the UN Secretary-Normal Antonio Guterres.

The door of the entice was then shut and little Cyprus opened the best way for EU sanctions in opposition to Belarus.

An identical EU tactic was employed previously when Cyprus determined to vote for sanctions (as an alternative of abstaining) in opposition to Ukraine. The Anastasiades determination has triggered fast retaliation by Russia and imposed commerce sanctions in opposition to Cyprus.

Within the absence of robust diplomacy, Cyprus has been manipulated but once more by the EU to develop into the sufferer of mightier political gamers!

No sooner the ink have time to dry on paper, Sultan Recep Tayyip Erdoğan feeling smug for escaping EU sanctions, went on the assault once more and introduced a bombshell: “Varoshia with its closed off seaside space can be reopened and re-inhabited beneath Turkish Administration on the eighth of October 2020 and that is solely the start!”

Ghost of Famagusta by Andreas C Chrysafis. varosha varoshia
Ghost of Famagusta by Andreas C Chrysafis.

Erdoğan’s declaration for the occupation of Varoshia took the world unexpectedly however particularly the federal government of Cyprus who had been caught napping.

One other new NAVTEX was instantly issued by Ankara and the Oruç Reis went again to northwest of Kastellorizo within the Aegean to restart its provocations in opposition to Greece escalating the fears of a navy standoff. In the meantime the Barbaros drilling vessel, was re-diverted and ordered to proceed its unlawful actions deep inside Cyprus’s territorial waters in plots licensed by France and Italy.

Erdoğan has actually made a mockery of the EU and the UN for trusting Turkey’s sly diplomacy in his try to keep away from sanctions; and like a crafty fox he has actually succeeded!

Below Attila Plan B, the opening of Varoshia by Erdoğan has now diminished all hopes for the reunification of Cyprus! The choice by Greece and Cyprus to desert their highly effective veto as political means to ensnare Turkey on the Summit has turned out to be political suicide.

varosha varoshia
A girl walks whereas holding Turkish and Turkish Cypriot flags inside an space fenced off by the Turkish navy since 1974, within the deserted coastal space of Varoshia, a suburb of the city of Famagusta in Turkish-controlled northern Cyprus, October 8, 2020. REUTERS/Harun Ucar NO RESALES. NO ARCHIVES

On contemplating Erdoğan’s revelations, the UN Safety Council (UNSC) responded instantly and known as for a “reversal of the choice by Turkey to open the shoreline within the fenced-off space of Varoshia and to stick to UN Resolutions.”

Turkey has by no means revered a single UN Decision previously and was not about to start out now, particularly when it includes geopolitical pursuits and billions and billions of Cyprus’ pure fuel revenues!

In the meantime, the Cyprus authorities is confronted with a dilemma–to barter or to not negotiate! To belief UN/EU or not! To not negotiate beneath a “five-party negotiations” additionally brings new risks! Cyprus might be coming into a one-way maze with no manner out and be confronted with one other fait accompli. A dilemma certainly!

The Cyprus Authorities’s determination to desert its veto through the Summit to compel the EU and impose commerce sanctions in opposition to Turkey, exhibited quick sightedness and a half-hearted diplomacy.

As an alternative, the President tried to justify his determination to the nation as to why it was essential to make a U-Flip on the final minute. Mr Anastasiades mumbled his manner explaining that: “the Cyprus goal on the EU Summit had by no means been sanctions in themselves however the termination of Turkey’s unlawful actions”.

Clearly that technique didn’t work and failed miserably however did provide Erdoğan the chance for occupying and opening Varoshia.

After 46 years the ghost city of Varoshia will come again to life once more beneath Turkey’s management and populated by rich Turkish nationals from the mainland. Since no playing is allowed in Turkey, Varoshia will probably be reworked into the “Las Vegas of the Med” and develop into as soon as once more the playground of the wealthy and well-known beneath the very noses of the Greeks.

Varoshia and Political Ineptitude! 1
Cypriot ghost city of Varoshia.

As for the hundreds of Varoshiotes and refugees longing to return to their ancestral properties, that chance now seems gravely distant. It appears that evidently Varoshia not solely has been deserted by the United Nations, (after passing 2547 resolutions condemning Turkey’s invasion and human rights violations) by the European Union, but additionally by the Cyprus authorities that has to this point did not cope with Turkey’s aggression.

Consequently, after the October 18 Turkish Cypriot election outcomes, issues would by no means be the identical once more. Erdoğan has personally made certain {that a} separatist candidate supported by the terrorist Gray Wolves group was elected to workplace. When balloting was over, 53% of the Turkish Cypriots and Turkish settlers, voted for a “two-state-solution” led by their nationalist new chief Ersin Tatar and Ankara’s newest puppet!

In the meantime, Sultan Erdoğan has warned everybody that: “he would do what he needs within the Japanese Mediterranean and no person can cease him and can chop anybody’s hand in the event that they attempt to get in his manner”. Such intimidations are suited to a bully and a thug and definitely to not a pacesetter of one other nation!

With Ankara’s Neo-Islamic threats and navy provocations within the area, the Republic of Cyprus now faces an unsure future certainly…

Andreas C Chrysafis is a UK printed writer of 5 books, over 400 press articles and a acknowledged Saatchi artist. He isn’t political affiliated however a powerful advocate for Democracy, Transparency, Equality, Human Rights and a powerful opponent to corruption. His newest historic novel, “Aphrodite’s Sacred Virgins” makes fascinating studying.



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