Phoebe Robinson has actually seen a goat earlier than, however solely from the consolation of a automotive.

The comic actually checks the boundaries of her consolation zone in a brand new unique clip from her upcoming Comedy Central present Do the most effective with Phoebe Robinson by visiting her good friend Whitney Cummingswho occurs to have a well-stocked farm. As Phoebe reveals throughout her go to, she has by no means seen an animal up shut. She’s not even solely certain what all of the animals are which makes for a reasonably enjoyable tour with Whitney.

A goat is crying and Phoebe is alarmed. “Why are you making noise?”

“Why are you making noise ?!” Whitney wonders when Phoebe thinks about the way it ought to be from the goat’s standpoint.

“He does not know who I’m,” she says. “And I am in his front room.”

“No! He does not have HBO,” Whitney confirms 2 dope queens Star. “He hasn’t heard from you but.”

From there, Phoebe is drugged by goat droppings (“like a fucking pez dispenser”) and discovers a donkey penis earlier than worrying about one other donkey attempting to odor her crotch.

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