Look into the evening sky and you will glimpse the celebs from a whole bunch of billions of galaxies. Some galaxies are swirling blue disks like our personal Milky Approach, others are pink spheres or misshapen, clumpy messes or one thing in between. Why the totally different configurations? It seems {that a} galaxy’s form tells us one thing in regards to the occasions in that galaxy’s ultra-long life. 

On the very primary degree there are two classifications for galaxy shapes: disk and elliptical. A disk galaxy, additionally known as a spiral galaxy, is formed like a fried egg, mentioned Cameron Hummels, theoretical astrophysicist at Caltech. These galaxies have a extra spherical heart, just like the yolk, surrounded by a disk of fuel and stars — the egg white. The Milky Approach and our nearest galaxy neighbor Andromeda fall into this class. 

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